When you have a pet, finding a caring veterinarian is your priority.

Let us help you with a combination of love, experience and know-how.


Your new animal companion needs more than love. It also needs the benefit of veterinary care. Get off to the right start by bringing your puppy or kitten in for his or her first check-up. You probably also have a few questions on how to be a good pet parent, and we’re here to help you with expert advice. From feeding your pet to when you should start training and what you should expect, you’ll get all the tips you need.


It’s all too easy for your puppy to pick up awkward habits that give you grey hairs. But that only happens when you don’t understand each other properly. Early training helps you to build a good relationship with your dog. You understand each other’s needs better as your communication improves. Puppy training isn’t all hard work either! Meet other pet owners and their pups as you work, play and laugh together. Our puppy training classes are fun!


Your pet may not even have to come into contact with other animals to contract a serious disease. Advances in veterinary science have meant that a great many animal diseases can be prevented through an up-to-date vaccination program. Keep your pet safe and healthy by popping in to our surgery with your furry friend. We’ll ensure that you know what to do to keep your pet as healthy as possible for all the years of its life.


In the old days, the only way we could ensure we’d be contacted if our pets were found after going missing was the collar and tag. But collars can all-too-easily be lost. A microchip, on the other hand, is always there. This advance has been instrumental in reuniting countless lost pets with their owners after an unfortunate adventure. Inserting the microchip is a simple procedure involving little or no discomfort, and knowing that animal rescue organisations and veterinarians can easily read the information it contains will give you peace of mind.


Just about every pet food ad claims that its pet food is the best one for your pet. But what does your pet really need? A vet would be the best person to advise you. From puppies and kittens to adults and seniors, we know what your pet needs to maintain excellent health without being either under or overweight. The right diet is as important for pets as it is for people. We’ll help you to find the best and easiest solutions.


Tooth decay, gum disease and abscesses are very detrimental to your pet’s health, can cause excruciating pain, and can even have serious health consequences. Although not all pets tolerate having their teeth brushed (especially if you don’t start when they are very young), you can at least ensure that they get regular dental check-ups to maintain their overall health and wellness. If it has been a while since your pet’s last dental check or you have noticed bad breath or signs of discomfort, come in. No appointment needed.


Although pet owners often balk at the thought of routine surgeries for their pets, they are only undertaken when the benefits outweigh the possible dangers should we fail to operate. With us, your pet will receive advanced care and gentle treatment, and before long, you can take your furry friend home. We will provide any necessary drugs and advise you as to how to ensure a smooth recovery. Afterwards, you’ll be wondering what you were so worried about!


Does your doctor send you from pillar to post when you need to have tests done? That won’t happen to your pet at our surgery! We collect specimens as needed and have state of the art Inhouse blood testing equipment to run tests as you wait, ensuring we get results as soon as possible in order to make a quick diagnosis and start the right treatment plan without any unnecessary delays.


Some pets are so healthy that they don’t need a routine health check until it’s time for their annual booster shots. But very young pets, very old ones, and pets with certain health conditions will need more regular routine health checks. Your vet will be able to advise you as to how often your pet’s health should be monitored, and you can be sure that your animal companions will get a thorough check-up.


When it comes to your pets’ health, you don’t skimp, and nor do we. We have recently purchased superb radiology equipment that will help us to diagnose a wide variety of animal health issues more effectively. We can now take dental x-rays, and that’s great news for your pets. After all, he or she can’t tell you about that toothache!